Capital Acquisition: Openera Exits to LiveQos in All-Ottawa Deal

For some reason I’ll always remember the first words of Openera CEO Peter Lalonde’s pitch to nearly 1000 investors and media at FounderFuel’s graduation a year ago: “People hate filing”.

Both the claim and the business has been validated since Lalonde and the Openera team graduated the Montreal-based accelerator program and swiftly raised angel money from Good People Ventures.

Today, fellow Ottawa company LiveQoS, the market leader in Quality of Experience (QoE) for mobile devices, announced the acquisition of Openera.

“Openera offered the perfect technology to compliment our current QoS applications,” said Martin Horne, CEO of LiveQoS. “Much like Onavo — on the consumer side — offers compression for Facebook, Openera enables LiveQoS to offer compression to the mobile business user in addition to the speed and security we already offer. Bringing on Openera and the team will allow us to launch a Cloud Services business that will ensure the best possible user experience for mobile users.”

Using a freemium/ SaaS model, Openera Automatically saves, organizes, and backs up files & attachments to services like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

Lalonde said the company was founded with the vision of the “open cloud”, making life easier for mobile employees while simultaneously meeting the security and control needs of enterprises moving to the cloud.

“This acquisition super charges our file compression and transfer technology for mobile users who need to find files fast while on the road. Now, with LiveQoS our partners can offer a higher quality of experience for their customers that rely on the cloud,” said Lalonde, the new Vice President of Cloud Services for LiveQoS.

LiveQoS, formerly called “iPeak Networks”, said that its IPQ solution already guarantees the best cloud experience on mobile devices, and Openera’s technology will add a core piece to LiveQoS’ product roadmap. The acquisition will “bolster the current LiveQoS technology by leveraging the email and file document management and harvesting capabilities of Openera.”

Lalonde and his team have already joined the LiveQoS team, a company that has grown by over 50 percent. “This acquisition came at the perfect time in our growth period. It added just the right amount of people and the perfect addition to our technology. We look forward to continued growth over the next year as well,” said Horne.

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