Ottawa’s LiveQoS Raises $4 Million in Series C Round

Just two weeks after acquiring former FounderFuel graduate startup Openera, Ottawa-based company Live QoS is announcing a big series C funding round of $4 million.

The funding round comes via Miralta Capital. The funds will be used for development and launch of “LiveQaaS”, a mobile “Quality as a Service” platform.

CEO Martin Horne said that the company has now ensured that its “Quality of Service” platform can be delivered as a service, whereas traditionally it was deployed on-premise. “This will enable us to meet the growing demands of mobile app developers and mobile device manufacturers who want to deliver the best quality of experience to their end-users,” he said. “We are already working with some well-known companies and are excited for our further development.”

Live QoS calls itself the “market leader in Quality of Service (QoS) for mobile devices.” QoS  services allow the transport of traffic with special requirements within computer networks to flow easily. Essentially, these services do the background work to make web apps work fluidly.

Specifically, Live QoS specializes in IPQ™, a framework and an evolving set of powerful technologies that maximize the quality of controlled and uncontrolled networks according to “actual link conditions and actual application requirements”. IPQ™ enables applications to run as-designed in network environments where the application would otherwise fail.

What differentiates Live QoS is it brings the concept of QoS to mobile devices and the cloud, so ensuring that mobile apps work seamlessly. Now it looks forward to its mobile Quality as a Service (QaaS) offerings.

“The concept of mobile Quality as a Service just made sense. We know this has enormous market potential and is a sound investment,” said Miralta Capital’s Tom Kaneb.  “The bar is being set increasingly high in mobile. Users expect apps to run smoothly, react responsively, and without lag. LiveQaaS can help app developers deliver on that user expectation.”

Miralta Capital is one of Canada’s oldest and most successful private equity investment firms, with a 30+ year track record of investing capital and returning to investors.



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