Ottawa Startup Founder Seeks to Make ‘National Entrepreneurs Day’ A Holiday

An Ottawa-based startup founder is trying to round up 50,000 signatures to make “National Entrepreneurs Day” (NED) a national holiday in Canada.

Joelle Parenteau, CEO of Edge to Epic, which gives startups and their employees access to benefits and perks previously reserved for large corporations, is trying to lead the charge with NED.

“What are we doing as a nation to support and empower these vital ‘assets’?” said Parenteau. “It’s time we ask ourselves what we can do, collectively, to recognize and empower those willing to risk it all to secure our future prosperity. It takes a nation to support entrepreneurs – and in return, entrepreneurs support the nation.”

Quoting Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he said “Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Canadian economy,” Parenteau argued that entrepreneurs are “the very people we are counting on—desperately—to rev up the engine of economic growth.”

On July 21  a pledge to bring National Entrepreneurs’ Day to Canada was initiated, geared to bring all stakeholders together to both celebrate and empower entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs’ put it all on the line day in and day out; building solutions to our problems, making their innovative visions our new realities, and creating jobs so that we can support our families. They are the adrenaline behind our economic growth – and it’s in all our best interest to empower those who power our economy,” said Parenteau.

First she needs to gather 50,000 supporters and submit an official petition to the House of Commons. Next she’ll start a crowdfunding campaign, where she’ll try and leverage help from corporate contacts through her own startup. “We are looking to the two powerhouses: government and corporate, to join us in our mission to support entrepreneurship – all in the name of powering the Canadian economy,” said Parenteau.

Those interested in signing the petition can visit here and help the Ottawa entrepreneur out.



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