Ontario government fires three Waterfront Toronto directors following Auditor General report on Quayside project

Sidewalk Labs

The Ontario government has fired three Waterfront Toronto board directors following a scathing Auditor General report on the Sidewalk Labs Quayside project this week.

Chairwoman Helen Burstyn and board members Michael Nobrega and Meric Gertler were removed the board, according toThe Associated Press. Burstyn told AP that Ontario’s minister of infrastructure let her know over the phone but did not provide a reason.

This week, the Ontario Auditor General released a report outlining several concerns with Waterfront Toronto’s Quayside project. Among them were concerns that Waterfront Toronto would not follow appropriate provincial procurement practices; that the Quayside project would expand beyond 12 acres; and public outcry on data collection.

The Globe and Mail, which broke the story last night, spoke to sources that said the province plans to add four new members to the board.

BetaKit has reached out to Waterfront Toronto for additional comment.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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