Now YOU Can Buy “Candy” and “Soda” 3D Printing Filament on Tinkerine’s Online Store

Tinkerine Studios, the Vancouver-based startup that has created the world’s first affordable 3D printer, is now offering a line of colourful filament for 3D printers with colours like “soda”, “tangerine” and “honey”. 

Today the company announced the launch of their 1.75mm Polylactic Acid (PLA) Candy and Spring filament series. The wide range of colours in the new series of filament and “cutting-edge packaging represent Tinkerine’s ongoing commitment to sleek design and consumer appeal,” said the company.

TINKERINE STUDIOS LTD. - Biodegradable 3D Printing Filament


The Candy and Spring Filament series are available for shipping now in our online store for US$44.99 per spool.

“Tinkerine filament is manufactured with strict quality, consistency, and purity (no fillers), at a value price point,” said CEO Eugene Suyu. “We chose PLA because it is a safe, biodegradable type of plant-based plastic. Utilizing ‘green’ plastic emphasizes Tinkerine’s commitment to providing best practices for consumer safety surrounding the use of 3D printers and materials.”

Tinkerine’s filament utilizes an open spool standard (non-cartridge system) that is perfectly suited for Tinkerine’s line of 3D printers, as well as most other commercially available 3D printers.

Earlier this month we reported on the DittoPro, the 3D printing industry’s first “affordable” prosumer (the market segment that offers professional-grade equipment at a consumer level price) 3D printer.
The DittoPro costs $1,999 CAN. Moreover, it offers professional-grade print speeds and resolution of 50 to 300 microns (0.05-0.3 mm). It’s expected to ship at the end of the month.

Tinkerine said in a release that it “pioneered the 3D printing industry’s open C frame design,” which the DittoPro uses to allow the size of printed objects to be significantly taller and deeper than the leading competitor. Compared to other leading 3D printers on the market, the frame shape uses 43 percent less desktop space. DittoPro’s “quality machined aluminum construction and stable glass print bed allows precision printing” of very small parts as well.

Photo by Solidsmack

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