Non-profit launches hub dedicated to educating Canadians about electric vehicles

They’re modern, they’re high-tech, and they’re environmentally friendly. Techies love them, but for many consumers, electric vehicles (EV) remain an expensive riddle wrapped in a complex scientific mystery, inside an intricate legal enigma.

That’s why non-profit organization Plug’n Drive is trying to demystify electric vehicles and make the subject easier to understand for regular consumers.

Alongside members of the Ontario cabinet, as well as representatives from partners from TD Bank, and Ontario Power Generation — among others — Plug’n Drive launched the world’s first Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre, on May 17, 2017.

Plug’n Drive’s goal is to use the space to educate consumers about electric vehicles, as well as raise awareness about climate change.

“The EV Discovery Centre will serve as an EV hub for consumers throughout Ontario and for visitors around the world,” said Cara Clairman, president and CEO of Plug’n Drive, in a media release.

“We are providing a one-stop-shop where consumers can explore and test-drive the latest EV models — alongside charging solution at home and on the road.”

The EV space will showcase the latest vehicle models and charging stations from “leading manufacturers,” as well as highlight the importance of combatting climate change.

“Our research shows that Ontario needs effective EV education and awareness raising initiatives,…to speed up EV sales,” said Clairman.

The EV Discovery Centre is also part of the Ontario government’s efforts to increase EV sales to five percent of all vehicles sold by 2020.

“We are investing proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market into Plug’n Drive Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre to encourage more Ontarians to make the switch to low-carbon transporation and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,” said Glen Murray, Ontario’s minister of the environment and climate change, in the same release.

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Sameer Chhabra

Sameer Chhabra is a staff writer at MobileSyrup.

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