New grocery delivery service InstaBuggy goes live in Toronto


Toronto is now one click away from getting all of our grocery shopping done while waiting in line for that morning coffee. InstaBuggy, Canadian version of Instacart, promises to deliver everything you’d ever buy at a local grocery store to your door within an hour.

“Instead of going to the store, standing in line, and spending all that time on grocery shopping, InstaBuggy offers a convenient portal for people to browse and place their order,” said Julian Gleizer, InstaBuggy co-founder and CEO. “With InstaBuggy, there will be a number of stores to shop from. You’ll come to InstaBuggy and enter your postal code to get the grocery stores in your area, choose your store, place an order, and get your groceries within an hour at your doorstep.

“You can purchase absolutely anything you’d typically find in a grocery store – your dairy, shampoo, household items, ice cream and paper towels,” Gleizer continued. “It’s exactly like Instacart, but we’re the first in Canada to provide this service.”

picker-packerInstaBuggy aims to build an online grocery chain portal without owning a single grocery store, using the existing network of grocery stores to effectively warehouse inventory. The delivery prices sit at a reasonable range from $9.99 to free, and all the products come from local grocery stores. InstaBuggy has launched downtown Toronto delivery along with some parts of the GTA, and you can sign up with your postal code to let them know where you want to see InstaBuggy next. The startup picked downtown Toronto for its high density, and plans to scale across the country shortly after, eventually moving into the US.

The team bringing InstaBuggy to downtown Toronto got solid experience in digital, e-commerce, and the food industry, and an impressive advisory board, including ex-senior VP of Loblaws, and managing equity partners from KPMG.

“In addition to the crowdsourcing model with shoppers bringing groceries to customers, we have our own in-store pickers and packers, who pack the order, and we have our own drivers and vehicles to control delivery,” Gleizer told BetaKit. Much of the company’s future will depend on the quality of the customer experience. It’s good to hear InstaBuggy promise its employees fulfilling the orders will get a good hourly pay above minimum wage. Gleizer said the employees would get treated in exactly the same way the company treats its customers.

InstaBuggy plans to be continually hiring as demand increases to fulfill all the orders. Those of us lucky to live or work in the downtown core can now be browsing for some rainbow ice cream from the comforts of our office.


Elena Yunusov

Elena Yunusov works at the intersection of digital communications and experience design. She is known in Toronto’s startup community as a HoHoTO & Toronto Maker Faire co-organizer. She likes coffee, robots, and wearable tech.

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  1. Avatarsays: Susan

    I used instacart when i was living in the US and I’m so glad something like it has finally come up in Canada. I just used instabuggy yesterday and must say its a great service i’m glad this is finally in Canada.

  2. Avatarsays: Saffiya Zaidi

    I received a call from “FRED” claiming he was a shopper for instabuggy asking me over the phone for my drivers license. Fred claimed he was having problems with my credit card. I told him that Instabuggy had already charged my credit card than how can there be an issue? Than he changed his story and said it was policy. I told him that would not be a safe thing to do since having my multiple ID and credit card can lead to fraud and identity theft and I have no idea who he is. IF instabuggy already charged my credit card how can there be an issue with my credit card. We have used Amazon and for delivery before and there were never any issues and they never asked for anything beyond credit card number. If needed, Instabuggy shopper can always ask for ID upon delivery to confirm without recording it. Fred was very unhelpful and said he would cancel my Costco order. THis was worst customer service after wasting my time online. IF this is Instabuggy policy of keeping customer credit card and driver license information being asked by random employees on the phone than this a security risk for customers and recipe for fraud. Please reply to my email if you can resolve this before I contact the media and online forum on how poor Instabuggy customer service and policy are compare to other delivery service. We tried calling your customer service number multiple time but each time there is only a recording saying you are too busy regardless of when you call. WE are also executive member of Costco for over 20 years.

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