Video: New Extreme Startups Company Provides Higher Education to Sub-Saharan Africa

In our first profile of the five new Extreme Startups companies, our Joseph Czikk chats with Fora cofounder Ian Carnevale.

We covered Fora in early January, when the startup’s other cofounder, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, spoke about how the startup is providing university-level online courses for people living in Sub-Sarahan Africa, particularly Nigeria. On one hand Nigeria’s age bracket bodes incredibly well for a young, able-minded and able-bodied workforce, as do oil deposits and improved internet infrastructure. On the other hand, endless private sector corruption, political infighting and problems in education accessibility remain for the nation of nearly 170 million.

Fora is trying to improve that accessibility margin.

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In Czikk’s chat with Carnevale the pair discuss how Fora operates, why there’s such a need from students and young professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa, and what its like to work with a cofounder who’s located halfway around the world.

Check it out here:



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