New Event Seeks to Convince Canuck Expats to Return and Work for Canadian Startups

A group of business leaders in Toronto are seeking to convince Canadian techies working abroad to return home and work within the Canadian startup ecosystem.

Now in its fourth year, Toronto Homecoming 2014 is an initiative on behalf of CivicAction’s “Emerging Leaders Network”  in partnership with Toronto Region Board of Trade. It seeks to bring together global talent with companies in Toronto who are looking to hire.

“In order for the Toronto Region to flourish, it is essential to attract and retain top talent; yet many of our region’s top leaders and innovators leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere, often never to return. Toronto Homecoming, an exclusive networking event, connects Canadians working abroad (and those with ties to Canada) with professional opportunities in the Toronto Region,” wrote the organizers. 

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Applicants should have a connection to Canada, and have management experience at a technology company in Product Development, Engineering, Business Development or in Sales and Marketing.

There will be 10-15 well established Toronto start-ups will be looking to meet future employees. The start-ups will come from a wide variety of sectors (eg: wearables, ecommerce, B2B SaaS, etc.) and stages (eg: from seed to D-round) but will all have traction, significant momentum, funding, and great leadership teams. They are looking to meet experienced professionals who can help them build a world leading companies. Examples companies include Bionym, Wattpad, Shopify, Soapbox, WealthSimple and more.

Applications cost $100 and the deadline is August 1.

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