New App Helps Patients Find Medicinal Marijuana

A Saskatoon-based company has created a mobile app that helps patients accurately track the dosage of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis that has been suggested by their healthcare professionals.

The CanniMed app, which was launched on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, connects Canadian medical marijuana patients with company news, coupons and a direct connection to place orders online or by phone.

“Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) limits the amount of cannabis a patient can order in one 30-day period,” said CanniMed CEO Brent Zettl. “We have heard from countless patients that they find it difficult to accurately track their 30-day limit and have developed this app with our patients needs in mind.”

Patients can use the app’s Limit Calculator where they can easily track how much of their current available amount or ‘prescription’ is left within a 30-day period by simply entering the daily limit suggested by their healthcare professional and the last order date. The app will accurately calculate and monitor both the supply remaining and a notification as to when a new 30-day order period will start.

The app will also connect patients to a secure online order system, which will directly connect registered CanniMed patients to where they can simply and easily place recurring orders.

CanniMed was the first producer to be licensed under the Canadian government’s new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

Moreover, the company said its priority is “to lead the new Canadian medical marijuana industry through our participation in clinical research that will close the gap between the anecdotal benefit and evidence based medicine in order to standardize care.”

“We are the only Canadian Licensed Producer who can boast that our pharmaceutical-grade cannabis has been used in a published clinical trial demonstrating the efficacy of smoked cannabis for chronic pain,” added the company.

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