Neurio launches Smart Home Energy Monitor

Home Energy Monitor

Vancouver-based Neurio, a developer of smart home solutions, has come a long way since raising $1.5 million in seed capital almost a year ago. Following the launch of Neurio’s smart home sensor earlier this year, the company has announced this morning that it is launching its Home Energy Monitor, a device that allows its users to track their energy use in real time in order to reduce consumption.

Today, Neurio is making the Home Energy Monitor available for pre-order on its website, with the product expected to ship in early October. Using Neurio iOS, Android, or web apps, users can easily have access to data on their energy use to understand how it is being used in the house.

Key features of the monitor and app, besides energy monitoring, include the sensor’s ability to predict upcoming utility bills, an “Always On” identifier that shows users how much energy is wasted by devices that are always on, and the app’s ability to give its users energy-saving tips.

“The Neurio Home Energy Monitor delivers an affordable, yet powerful way to truly see how a home is operating and where power is being used,” said Janice Cheam, president and CEO of Neurio. “By being smarter about energy use, consumers can know where their power dollars are going and ultimately make adjustments that can save them significant amounts of money.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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