Nanotips Touchscreen Glove Solution Raises Seven Times its Goal on Kickstarter

Tony Yu and his Vancouver-based startup are in the clear. Nanotips produces and markets a liquid solution designed to make any type of glove compatible with touch screen swiping, and its Kickstarter page has raised seven times its original goal with about 20 minutes left in the campaign.

Supporters have pledged $71,888 of an original $10,000 goal.  Nanotips is a conductive polyamide liquid solution that can transform your ordinary gloves into touchscreen ones. Formulated using nanotechnology, Nanotips mimics the touch of human skin. It was designed with functionality and durability in mind making it great for all lifestyles.


The company said that touchscreen gloves eventually wear out, but their liquid solution is a better buy. Each application can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on what people use the gloves for.

Each bottle treats about fifteen fingers, and there’s two different solutions. Nanotips Blue is designed specifically for fabrics, drying to a transparent blue which makes it practically invisible on coloured fabrics. Meanwhile, Nanotips Black is specifically tailored for leathers, rubbers, and other thicker materials. This formula can work in two ways: it either creates a conductive layer on the surface of your glove or it soaks into the fabric and creates a conductive bridge between the finger and the touchscreen device.

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