Muse Spotting: UK Store Features Brain-Sensing Headband Ahead of Launch

Now what do we have here? Looks like Toronto’s Muse, the brain-sensing headband, has made its way over the pond and is sitting pretty in the window of an EE store on Oxford Street in the UK.

This up-and-coming wearable will be available for Londoners to try out as part of a six-week showcase the mobile operator has set up in two of its flagship stores featuring cutting edge technology.

EE (which stands for Everything Everywhere) is the UK’s largest mobile network operator in the UK with over 28 million customers. They will be showcasing brand new and soon to be released tech products like Muse, Subpac and Philip Hue Lights in two of its Innovation Hub stores, one in London and the other in Birmingham.

InteraXon, the company behind Muse, has set up retail demos of the brain-sensing headband, using its IX Wonderland demo. Set in a beautifully animated lakeside landscape, IX Wonderland is a relaxing demo that encourages the user to experiment and discover. The interactive application responds to a user’s brainwaves, giving feedback and allowing them to gain control over their state of mind.

“We are very excited to bring the Muse to the UK and hope that many new users will be able to discover it there,” InteraXon told us.  “We love to share our new technology with others and leapt at the opportunity to be showcased amongst other emerging products in a leading chain like EE. The EE innovation hubs are about play, exploration and discovery, as is the Muse”.

EE is known for its forward thinking approach to technology. Back in 2012 they commissioned high-tech and interactive clothing designer CuteCircuit, to design an haute couture Twitter Dress to celebrate the launch of the company’s 4G network in the UK. The dress featured 2,000 LED battery-operated lights which displayed real-time tweets from the EE Twitter account.

The in-store Muse showcase doesn’t mean that this wearable device will be sold in retail anytime soon. The company told us that Muse is currently only available via pre-order online and that sometime after they launch in North America this spring (May), they hope to enter the European market.


Tom Emrich

Sometimes called the “man from the future” Tom Emrich is a leading voice in wearable technology as an investor, community builder and influencer. His passion for this space is driven by his belief that wearable tech plays a critical role in our human evolution.

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