Montreal’s startup community works together to launch Notman House’s Osmo Café

OSMO cafe
Café Osmo, Montreal

Thanks to the collaboration of Montreal’s startup community, Notman Campus has officially launched the OSMO Café, the latest addition to its space.

The goal of OSMO Café is to serve as a communal meeting space for the local startup community, and was established in part with a donation from PasswordBox founder Dan Robichaud, who started working on his company in the original Notman House Cafe. PasswordBox eventually grew to 45 employees and 15 million users before being acquired by Intel Security.

“I wanted to give back to the community by powering the OSMO Café; a place for entrepreneurs to meet, work and let loose,” Robichaud said.

Caterina Rizzi and Sophie Fidler, co-founder and location designer at Breather, helped design the decor of the space. Lightspeed founder and CEO Dax Dasilva and Lightspeed’s data, omnichannel, and platform partner Raff Paquin provided the POS license and Lightspeed team support, and former FounderFuel program manager Emma Williams helped lead the project into existence.

“The OSMO Café is a beautifully architected, modern and inspiring space where everyone is welcome to drop in for that perfect coffee with a friend or to enjoy a serendipitous encounter with a potential collaborator,” said Alan MacIntosh, president of the OSMO Foundation Board. The OSMO Foundation is the startup development non-profit behind Notman House. “Reflecting the open spirit and innovative soul of the Notman campus, the OSMO Café has a buzz and energy where Notman residents and the general public can gather to exchange ideas and dream up the next great internet innovation.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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