Montreal Founder Institute launches map of city’s startup resources


Montreal’s startup community is getting its own map of startup resources available to entrepreneurs and innovators in the region.

The Montreal Startup Ecosystem Canvas, created by Montreal’s Founder Institute and local tech leader Sergio Escobar, lists a variety of resources available for entrepreneurs for every stage of their startup journey. The list spans from the idea and launch stage, all the way to growth stage. The list also includes resources for startups looking for talent or local employers, as well as a list of startup evangelists.

Escobar said he is building the startup canvas to help build a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Montreal.

“My dream is to help build a thriving and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Escobar. “One that promotes and enables the creation of more startups in the community, one that welcomes any new organization wishing to establish itself here in Montreal. I want to break silos. I want an open and inclusive startup community to anyone that reflects the true values of Montrealers, because ‘Montreal’s law is hospitality.'”

This is not the first ecosystem canvas to be launched by Canadian chapters of the Founder Institute. In August 2016, Ottawa’s Founder Institute also created an ecosystem canvas to provide a list of resources for companies at all stages of the startup journey.

The Montreal Startup Ecosystem Canvas is currently in its first draft, and the Montreal Founder Institute is looking for feedback on how it can be improved.

Readers can provide feedback on the Montreal canvas here.

Montreal’s Founder Institute is also currently accepting applications for its fourth cohort.


Amira Zubairi

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