Montreal-based VirtualMED bringing AI to virtual healthcare

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Montreal-based VirtualMED is partnering with HealthTap, an American healthtech company, to offer AI-powered virtual care to Canadians. VirtualMED’s licensed physicians will now be available through an app, which provides personalized diagnoses and treatment plans through artificial intelligence.

“HealthTap is excited to partner with VirtualMED to overcome the issues that affect Canadian healthcare.”

HealthTap provides access to primary healthcare through an AI-powered platform, which personalizes users’ care and enables an instant connection between the members and doctors. VirtualMED said its members can also receive affordable virtual care while travelling in the US.

“We are proud to be the first to help Canadians and businesses save precious time and money by offering quick and easy access to our team of physicians through the unique combination of HealthTap’s renowned virtual care app and our brick-and-mortar clinics,” said Dr. Patricia Côté, co-owner of VirtualMED.

HealthTap’s AI backend learns about a patient’s symptoms overtime and points those patients various care options, via SMS, care guides penned directly by physicians, video consultations, and treatment reminders. Through this technology, VirtualMED will offer access to the VirtualMED team of physicians, and a range of services including diagnostics, referrals, prescriptions, lab results, and treatment plans.

“HealthTap is excited to partner with VirtualMED to overcome the issues that affect Canadian healthcare by implementing HealthTap’s comprehensive consumer healthcare experience, powered by AI and supported by a large, global community of doctors and patients,” said Sean Mehra, chief strategy officer at HealthTap. “VirtualMED’s established reputation for delivering quality will now be amplified to be Canada’s exemplary healthcare provider committed to timely access to care for all.”

This partnership comes among a series of recent announcements in the virtual healthcare space. Toronto-based OnCall Health, a virtual care platform for healthcare providers, today announced a $2-million CAD seed round. Akira, another Toronto-based healthtech company, launched Union Health, a tech-enabled, in-person clinic in Toronto. Orthopaedic VR software company, Precision OS, is currently working with 10 medical institutions across North America, to bring its technology to surgeon trainees.

The Canadian Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada announced last month the three organizations are launching a task force to examine virtual care technology and how it can improve access and quality of care for patients across Canada.

VirtualMED said its members can also receive affordable virtual care while travelling in the US. The company will offer service packages to businesses through insurance carriers, and individual and family packages will also be made available. The company said the app will be available in French and English by the end of this year.

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    AI is no more science fiction, it is reality and future is here.It will be interesting how Canadian Healthcare system adopts AI based tools.

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