Molson Coors aims to make beer cans more intuitive with Vented End technology

Molson Coors, creators of two of Canada’s most popular beer brands, Molson Canadian and Coors Light, have introduced a new can design with a unique technology called the Vented End.

In partnership with Crown Holdings, Inc., the new cans largely resemble the existing designs, with a recognizable tab that is pulled up to breach the larger hole. The main difference is the addition of a second hole, the “vent,” that promises a “smoother pour” and “increased flow rate,” which is breached by twisting the red tab and pushing down on the opposite end of the can top.


The visceral experience has been met with revelatory acceptance from consumers, many of whom say the opening experience is more enjoyable than before.

The new cans will be available in 355ml and 473ml varieties, sold in Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia.

Via: Newswire