Mojio’s Kenny Hawk says successful startups must always think globally on #TheDisruptors


As Vancouver-based Mojio continues to make waves in the connected car space through partners like Rogers, The Disruptors co-host Amber Kanwar sat down with Mojio CEO Kenny Hawk to talk about how the Canadian company is becoming a global player.

Mojio’s device plugs into a car’s diagnostic port to capture data about the car and its user’s driving habits, and delivers insights through its mobile app. Kanwar said that Mojio’s company could represent a shift in thinking, as many people think they have to wait for manufacturers to build connected cars.

“People are doing this because they want to know what’s going on with their car, they don’t want to be cheated by a mechanic that does a repair that’s unneeded or charges more than they should,” said Hawk.

As Mojio has secured global partnerships with wireless carriers, Kanwar asked if the company is committed to remaining in Vancouver. Hawk stressed that Vancouver has strong developer talent, but all successful startups should think globally.

“Today, if you’re going to build a successful startup, you really have to think globally from the beginning. We weren’t building a company just to service Canada,” said Hawk. “Canada is an important market, but to be successful as a venture-backed company, you have to look at a global play. The car market is global.”

While Mojio currently has offices in Vancouver, Prague, and Silicon Valley, Hawk said that “its roots will always stay in Vancouver.”

Watch the full interview below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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