Mio Global appoints new CEO while founder Liz Dickinson moves to executive chairperson role

Vancouver-based Mio Global, which offers heart rate monitoring wristbands and watches, announced that Peter Taylor has been appointed as the company’s new CEO.

Mio Global’s founder and former CEO, Liz Dickinson, is moving into the role of executive chairperson of the company’s board of directors.

Mio Global said Taylor has over 15 years of experience in developing and launching startups and Fortune 500 companies. Before joining Mio Global, Taylor was the global vice-president of products at Belkin and the general manager of Wemo. Taylor has also led innovative projects at various companies including BP, Wrigley, Diageo, Coca-Cola, and Philips.

“We’re excited to begin leveraging [Taylor’s] expertise in scaling organizations as we continue to extend our published and scientifically validated [PAI] metric to the world.”
– Liz Dickinson

“Peter is uniquely skilled at delivering solutions that solve complex problems and focusing on outstanding and engaging customer experiences,” said Dickinson. “We’re excited to begin leveraging his expertise in scaling organizations as we continue to extend our published and scientifically validated Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) metric to the world. He’s a strong leader, known for clear strategy, team building, and efficient execution, as reflected in all his accomplishments in his career.”

Mio Global said that as CEO, Taylor will be primarily responsible for scaling the company. Dickinson will continue to focus on partnerships, growth, and business development initiatives for Mio Global.

“With The American Journal of Medicine’s published science underpinning our metrics, our [PAI] metric overcomes some of the inherent issues with step counting,” said Taylor. “PAI tracks an individual’s heart response to activity and provides guidance on the most time-effective way to contribute to living longer. Our vision is for PAI to evolve as an advisor, to give people the insights they need to know about their long-term health and fitness, and I am excited to use my experience as a leader of business and innovation to help Mio scale, transition, and positively impact health around the world.”

Taylor added that he is excited to join Mio Global’s team to scale the company’s PAI product on the consumer level. “I’m excited to join the team because Mio has something new for the health space: a simple, affordable, and scientifically validated way to optimize anyone’s path to improved health,” said Taylor. “I believe PAI is the logical, more inclusive enhancement to 10,000 steps, and it’s my job to ensure it is effectively scaled on the consumer level and translated into corporate wellness platforms, insurance companies and wearable technology brands.”

Mio Global raised a $19 million funding round from Germany-based Hydra Ventures in October 2016.

Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi

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