Microsoft Plants Massive Xbox One in Downtown Vancouver to Celebrate National Launch

Xbox One or Playstation 4, which will you choose?

Today Microsoft made a “large” effort to appeal to gamers in Vancouver by unveiling its “Colossal Xbox One” to celebrate the “Biggest launch in Xbox history”.

Microsoft was also promoting the One Source project, where the Canadian Xbox Live community can collectively unlock “incredible one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards” by pledging their gamertags to the project. Canadian Xbox fans can pledge with their gamertag to One Source in three ways: either in person at the console, through the Xbox Live Dashboard, or online. Fans that take part early will have more chances to win great prizes, and as community support grows, fans will continue to unlock “unique, immersive experiences, that can only be provided by Xbox.”

“With One Source, we are celebrating the launch with our fans in an unprecedented way,” said Xbox Canada’s Craig Flannagan. “We are giving the power to our fans to unlock incredible experiences.”

Xbox One arrives in stores on November 22. The Xbox One retails for $499, which includes the console, an Xbox One controller, the Kinect sensor for Xbox One and Xbox One Chat Headset.

The massive, 40-foot-long replica of the new console appeared in Vancouver in a parking lot at 1001 Seymour Street today at noon and gamers have been inputting their gamertags since then trying to open the box by “voting.”

The Globe and Mail’s Shane Dingman put it best:

“This is a Canada-only campaign (anyone can send a Gamertag, but only Canadians can win prizes), and when the hatch opens, all we are being told is that there will be an “experience” inside (but seriously, it would be insane to do this if they had no games in there, and Microsoft is not insane),” he wrote this morning.

Flannagan told Dingman that the celebration is “far and away the biggest, maybe the biggest thing done in Canada for [the games] industry,” both in terms of promotion and money spent.



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