Microsoft Canada and Dragon Arlene Dickinson Band Together for YOUInc

Microsoft Canada says that collaboration is key to the success of small businesses and the entrepreneurs that create them.

The large company has teamed up with Arlene Dickinson of CBC’s Dragons’ Den to to provide support and business technology expertise to her YouINC online community for entrepreneurs.

YouINC is a kind of social network that urges entrepreneurs to join and share, collaborate, and learn with each other. It’s a new online community for celebrating and empowering entrepreneurs around the world.

Microsoft Canada is bringing its business technology expertise to YouINC, the online community and resource hub for entrepreneurs. The collaboration between the technology leader and Dragon’s Den’s Arlene Dickinson launched yesterday.

“Microsoft Canada is extremely excited to support this incredible initiative. We believe that entrepreneurs and SMB’s have a significant role in driving innovation in Canada. Technology is the foundation for successful businesses and we are thrilled that Microsoft Canada will be the platform to enable entrepreneurs and SMB’s realize their full potential” said Dennis Cerasoli, Vice President, Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partners Group at Microsoft Canada.

As part of the collaboration, Microsoft Canada will co-create new content for YouINC on business tech solutions for entrepreneurs, including articles and features, exclusive offers, and direct access to experts for advice.

“Technology is the fuel for our growing entrepreneurial economy,” said Dickinson. “To be the best in the world, entrepreneurs need to have the technological tools and support which enable them to put their ideas and innovations into tangible, successful action, so I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator than Microsoft Canada.”

Launched this week, YouINC gives entrepreneurs a community through which they can share, connect and grow through help and insights from peers and recognized experts alike. Microsoft Canada said it has a “proud history of working with small and medium sized businesses to provide the full suite of technological solutions to enable them to reach their full potential.”

A Microsoft rep said that the ultimate goal of the new initiative to help as many emerging businesses as possible, whether they’re based in Canada, or abroad. This will be done by “empowering entrepreneurs” through the aforementioned content, offers, and access to a suite of small business experts and innovators.

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