MESH/diversity raises $950,000 to help companies build D&I strategies

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MESH/diversity has raised a $950,000 seed round for its software helping organizations build a more diverse and inclusive (D&I) workforce.

Founded in 2013, MESH/diversity uses a blend of software to track metrics of inclusion and belonging in an organization, and receive baseline inclusion scores that show areaas strength and growth opportunities in a D&I strategy. Company leaders can receive resources for professional development, and MESH/diversity promises to enhance organizations’ D&I strategy without disruption to the business.

“At MESH, we take a data-driven approach to removing unconscious bias so our clients can build the cultures that they want.”

The platform was developed by the company’s chief diversity officer, Leeno Karumanchery, who has over 20 years of experience working with companies to develop these D&I strategies. MESH/diversity said it has doubled its team since its founding, and its clients currently include New Hampshire University, LPL Financial, OSL Retail Services, and Habitat for Humanity Canada.

“Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of building inclusive cultures, and contrary to the popular belief, you can’t simply hire your way there,” said Mike Wright, CEO of MESH/diversity. “At MESH, we take a data-driven approach to removing unconscious bias so our clients can build the cultures that they want.”

MESH/diversity plans to use the investment to increase its revenue, expand its sales and marketing team, and continue to grow its client base.

Of the funding, $250,000 came from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), a non-profit that has invested over $100 million in New Brunswick start-ups and researchers and leveraged $457 million more from other private and public sources.

“Currently, there’s increased importance placed on equity, diversity, and inclusivity which has created a new opportunity for solutions that create fairer hiring and human resources processes,” said Daniel Hoyles an investment analyst at NBIF. “We feel that MESH/diversity is uniquely positioned to address this.”

Hoyles also explained why the company was different from other solutions. “Rather than relying on personality profiles, MESH has distinguished itself from competitors by focusing their product on the behavioural makeups that actually drive belonging, inclusion and engagement in organizational cultures,” he said.

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