MedStack’s Balaji Gopalan says companies must tell the stories of their customers


While entrepreneurs may be excited about their products and how they’ll change the industry, it’s hard to translate that excitement into a story everyone understands.

Speaking at the latest TechTO, MedStack founder Balaji Gopalan talked about how his company approached this problem. Medstack’s developer platform allows entrepreneurs to build healthcare applications, which can be difficult to navigate since hospitals have complex onboarding processes — and because it’s in the business of providing infrastructure, it’s hard to tangibly show its impact to investors and people outside the company.

To tackle the issue, Gopalan suggests talking about your customers instead of the product. “It isn’t the tech. It isn’t the UI, it isn’t the business model. It’s the customers and the stories they have to tell about your products.”

He shared some of the companies that are using MedStack — people who are disrupting the healthcare industry in their own way, and how MedStack makes it easier for them to build their businesses.

“Why do we eat like crap? Why do we get yelled at? Why do we deal with so much stress and give up on sleep? For entrepreneurs in the room asking, ‘why do we do that?’ Remember, it’s because of your customers. If you want inspiration, that’s where you look.”

Watch the full video below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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