MedChart wants to make health records more accessible to patients with cloud-based platform


MedChart, one of the latest pitches on The Disruptors, aims to eliminate the barriers patients face when trying to access their health records.

The company offers a cloud-based patient platform that allows Canadians to aggregate their medical records from health care providers across the country. According to James Bateman, CEO and co-founder of MedChart, the company works with both health care institutions and patients.

Health care institutions can gain the software tools and technology needed to provide patients with their health records, while patients can pay a $10 fee to MedChart to gain access to their information.

“We’re trying to build that central hub where patients interact with their health with no limitations or barriers to allowing patients to access that information,” said Bateman.

Co-host Bruce Croxon said MedChart is among the growing number of startups trying to tackle barriers in the healthcare system. He said that while the company is addressing “a real need,” MedChart will have to do a lot of “heavy lifting” to actually obtain records from health care providers.

“Seems like a lot of work that’s going to have to go into contacting individual facilities to get my records,” said Croxon. “From a company’s perspective, that’s a lot of heavy lifting. I hope they got enough operating expense coverage to get that done.”

In January 2016, MedChart received $60,000 from the Ontario Centres of Excellence’s SmartStart seed fund. To date, the company has also raised $800,000 in seed funding.

Watch the full pitch below:

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