May HealthTO will discuss impact of recreational cannabis on medical cannabis


On May 24, HealthTO will look at how the medical cannabis industry will be impacted by the legalization of recreational cannabis.

The federal government is set to make recreational cannabis legal this summer, and the entire Canadian tech community is watching closely for impending rules and regulations in an uncertain industry. Some are already set to benefit, with Shopify tapped to power online sales in Ontario.

To mark the end of Medical Cannabis Week 2018, HealthTO is bringing in speakers like Ample Organics president and CEO John Prentice, director of patient education Sarah Medel, Leaf Forward co-founder Alex Blumenstein, and more to talk about how tech will power the evolving medical cannabis industry.

“The intersection of cannabis, health, and technology is a place where Canada should excel and be a global leader,” said Alex Norman, founder of TechTO. “As such, TechTO and Business of Cannabis wanted to highlight some of the emerging companies in this space.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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