May #FutureMakers will teach tips for effective DevOps

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DevOps is the set of practices that allow development and IT teams to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. The May edition of RBC’s #FutureMakers Talks series will teach you tips for a modern and effective approach to DevOps.

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Taking place May 15th, the FutureMakers Talks will discuss some of the latest developments in DevOps, including agile processes, mircroservices, modern infrastructure, and continuous integration. The event will feature talks from VZBL CEO Steve Pereira, Lakshmi Baskaran, VP of Engineering at Leonardo Worldwide Corporation, and Ian Kerins, Senior Director for the DevOps Development Team at RBC.

“DevOps is key to us being able to build and deliver solutions to market with speed, quality and efficiency,” said Kerins, who will be speaking on how to build better products faster with DevOps at FutureMakers. “For our teams, it’s more than a set of tools and capabilities, it enables a better way of working. By delivering an exceptional developer experience, we enable our application development teams to focus on delivering exceptional client experiences. It’s really about helping our teams deliver better software, faster and smarter.”

Don’t work in an organization as large as RBC? Don’t worry! Baskaran’s talk, entitled “DevOps Without a Million Dollars”, will focus specifically on empowering attendees with DevOps tools and techniques regardless of the size and type of their organization!

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BetaKit is a FutureMakers media partner. Image courtesy Pixabay.

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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