MaRS study shows Toronto startups are ethnically diverse, but predominantly male

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The MaRS Data Catalyst team has published a new study that provides an interesting snapshot of Toronto startups. Surveying 597 startups in Toronto and the surrounding region supported by MaRS’ venture services, Data Catalyst was able to secure a wealth of demographic data about the Toronto ecosystem.

Firstly, despite the growing perception that entrepreneurship in Canada is a youth movement, MaRS discovered that over two-thirds of the startups surveyed featured founders 30 years of age or older. 52% of the surveyed startups also feature a founder born overseas, reinforcing Toronto’s multicultural image.

MaRS Data Catalyst

Unfortunately, the diversity of the Toronto ecosystem is not as prevalent in terms of gender. The Data Catalyst study indicates that even in the two tech verticals to most prominently feature women executives, health and ICT, female participation failed to exceed 33%.

Those interested in reading MaRS Data Catalyst study, which was independently administered by KPMG, can do so via the link below.

MaRS Data Catalyst Report

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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