MaRS launches five-week entrepreneurship course including lessons learned from startup founders

MaRS has launched a five-week Entrepreneurship 101 online course designed to help new entrepreneurs learn the basics of building a business.

The course, which will be led by MaRS ICT senior strategist Nathan Monk, touches on the various stages of building a business, including conducting market research and competitive analytics, identifying the Minimum Viable Product to validate a product, and developing a funding strategy.

“By bringing MaRS’ years of startup research together with expertise from incredible founders in our community — and making it free and accessible online — we’re looking to reduce the barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action,” said Monk. “E101 participants will benefit from learning proven business methods that they can apply to their own concepts, but they will also gain rare insights into what to expect along the journey: from chaotic loneliness to the payoff of a successful launch.”

Participants will work together through digital forums and meetups, and have access to talks from Canadian entrepreneurs who have gone through the process themselves. Repable co-founder Heather Anne Carson, Real Ventures partner Janet Bannister, Wealthsimple CEO and founder Mike Katchen, and ME Consulting principal Mark Evans are among the entrepreneurs sharing their experiences through online content and lesson guides.

Registration for the course is open until November 14.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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