MaRS expands impact investing platform to Quebec


MaRS has expanded its impact investing platform, Social Venture Connexion, to Quebec.

The SVX platform is open to companies and funds raising capital, and allows investors to learn about and make investments that align with their values. The platform includes multiple investment offering types, including accredited investor, offering memorandum, and retail crowdfunding opportunities; and financial transactions and payments allowing Canadians to make their investments online.

SVX also offers investor tools paired with offline education programs and supports to build investment and investor readiness for impact investing. SVX is partnering with accelerator Esplanade Monreal to offer financing tools for social entrepreneurs and innovators in Quebec.

“We are thrilled to launch the new SVX platform in Quebec, enabling all Canadians to invest in impact ventures and funds. Investment opportunities range from renewable energy initiatives to enterprises empowering First Nations and new Canadians,” said Adam Spence, director of SVX. “All investors can use their money to support social or environmental change alongside financial return.”

Four new issuers are joining the platform, including Québec-based ventures Ecotierra and Nectar, alongside Brighter Investment and National Observer from British Columbia.

SVX said that its ventures and funds have raised over $100 million since 2013, and is registered to operate in Ontario, Québec, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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