LiveGauge wants to help brands measure ROI on real-world marketing campaigns


LiveGauge, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, wants to help brands measure their ROI at live events.

The company offers a device that counts the number of people, how long they stayed, and where they moved in a physical space. The device can be leased from the company for up to 12 months.

“LiveGuage is disrupting the traditional way live events are measured,” said LiveGauge co-founder Nathaniel Bagnell. “The way it is today, we have pictures of happy people, agencies telling brands, ‘Hey we gave away all of your samples.’ But there’s really no quantifiable number. So we’re giving that back to the brands.”

Co-hosts Bruce Croxon and Amber Kanwar said that it’s clear what the company does, and that they recognize the need for the device. “This particular segment is the poster child for software-as-a-service companies. The cost of the technology is very low — the beacon — and the need is very high,” said Croxon.

Kanwar added that it will come down to how LiveGauge presents the data, and whether it will be clear and concise for users. Croxon said even with the data, LiveGauge will still be part of the sales and marketing sprint to get as many event organizers and customers as possible.

Watch the full pitch below:

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