Lighthouse Labs launching satellite web development bootcamp in Halifax

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Lighthouse Labs, a coding academy with locations in across Canada, is entering Halifax with the launch of a web development bootcamp in October.

The program, which launches on October 3, promises to help anyone with zero coding experience become a professional junior developer in eight weeks — and Lighthouse Labs co-founder Jeremy Shaki says a bootcomp like this helps inject much-needed tech talent into the Nova Scotian economy.

“Developers play a key part in growing the tech ecosystem, innovation, and economy at large.” said Shaki. “We aim to give them the tools they need to launch their programming careers, and release them back into the local community.”

Students participating in the bootcamp will work out of Volta Labs, where they’ll spend up to 12 hours a day coding in the presence of local mentors, and lectures streamed from Lighthouse Labs’ Toronto office.

“These are the types of programs that help fulfill the region’s increasing need for talented developers,” said Melody Pardoe, chief operating officer at Volta Labs. “The Lighthouse Labs bootcamps are for people who want to learn how to build products from start to finish: exactly the kind of talent we know companies are searching for. It’s also one more way to engage the amazing developers who are passionate about mentoring and growing the tech community in Nova Scotia.”

Applications for the Web Development Bootcamp are already open online. Those interested in the program are also invited to attend Coffee & Code at Lion & Bright on June 16, where Lighthouse Labs staff are available to answer questions about the bootcamp.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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