LendingArch enters Canadian FinTech space with customized loan platform


Canada has been called a leader in the global FinTech space, so it’s no surprise that those with banking expertise are entering the startup world.

Calgary-based LendingArch is one of the latest companies to enter the lending space. Its marketplace platform allows users to browse customizable, hyper-personalized loan options. LendingArch was founded by Arti Modi and Raj Singh; Modi is also a co-founder of OmniArch, an investment firm that manages over 5,000 Canadian investors and $400 million in portfolio assets.

“We created LendingArch to revolutionize the financial service space and bridge the gap. We are a customer-centric platform that not only provides you with better options than the current financial ecosystem, but also one that helps improve your financial health long-term,” said Modi, CEO of LendingArch. “We are helping people re-imagine their financial future. If you are raising a family, consolidating debt, paying off your credit cards, or a millennial looking to plan your future post-college, LendingArch is the solution for you.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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