Law Scout plays matchmaker for fixed-price lawyers on #TheDisruptors

Entrepreneurs are often focused on building their product, but when it comes time to grow, the legal services that come with creating a business can be a major hit to a cash-strapped company.

Law Scout, the latest company to pitch on The Disruptors, wants to change that. The platform provides fixed legal services for small businesses by connecting small businesses with lawyers who will work for upfront prices.

“Our platform connects businesses to lawyers that specialize in legal services for small businesses, and most of all, they charge up-front, fixed-fee prices for legal prices, not the billable hours that are charge by most law firms,” said Shane Murphy, co-founder of Law Scout. Murphy has worked as a litigation lawyer for small businesses and franchises, and holds two law degrees from McGill University and a master’s from the London School of Economics.

“Lawyers like this system because it provides them with automation tools that makes their job easier and they’re happy to provide savings to their clients for using this efficient platform, and clients like it because it’s online, simple, and helps small businesses define the needs they have at each phase of growth.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon could relate to the “efficient matchmaking” service side of the platform, as the founder of Lavalife. “When I see verticals like that, and the legal one is obvious, it’s huge.”

Co-host Amber Kanwar joked that it was karma for the lawyers. “They had it coming for all those fees!”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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