LANDR partners with ASCAP to provide unlimited mastering to 600,000 composers


LANDR, a Montreal-based audio mastering platform, is partnering with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) to give unlimited automated mastering to the society’s 600,000 members.

LANDR uses AI and machine-learning to create algorithms that can master tracks within minutes. Creators upload their tracks onto LANDR’s cloud system, where the program picks up on patterns based on the genre of the music and masters the track.

ASCAP members will receive LANDR’s basic subscription and one HD WAV per month at no charge, including unlimited mastering of demos, live sets, DJ mixes, or even rough studio jam sessions. This free mastering will give songwriters and composers, especially those without the budget for mastering, the ability to improve the quality of their music in a short amount of time.

“Songwriters and composers are the heart and soul of music and ASCAP’s mission is to support them creatively and professionally at every stage of their careers,” said Elizabeth Matthews, ASCAP CEO. “Together with LANDR, we are offering them a valuable tool that they can use to bring their music to the world. In the future, ASCAP members can look forward to more best-in-class benefits that meet their needs and create more opportunities for them to succeed.”

Pascal Pilon, CEO of LANDR, said that the company’s mission has always been to support all musicians throughout their careers, and this aligns with ASCAP’s vision to represent, support, and compensate songwriters and composers. “We believe firmly in fair compensation for music creators, and by partnering with ASCAP we’re in an excellent position to support that,” said Pilon. “By using our mastering service, all ASCAP members will be able to take their sound even further. Anything that helps bring more music into the world is always a beautiful thing.”

Last year, LANDR launched its private sharing feature which allows LANDR members to designate a certain amount of time that people can listen to their track, and see who has listened.

LANDR has offered two free WAV masters for BetaKit readers! Get yours here.


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