Largest independent software company in South Korea announces expansion to Canadian market


TmaxSoft, the largest independent software company in South Korea, announced that it is expanding to the Canadian market with the opening of an office in Mississauga.

Founded in 1997, TmaxSoft has already established itself across Asia, Europe, and North America with several global offices and 700 employees. TmaxSoft specializes in legacy modernization, middleware, database and infrastructure software solutions. It mainly services companies in the financial services, retail, government, utilities, and telecommunications industries.

“Mississauga is proud to be home to TmaxSoft, a globally recognized and respected business,” said Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie. “TmaxSoft chose Mississauga as the leading destination to invest, expand service offerings, develop new and innovative technologies, and to remain ahead of the competition in the field of infrastructure software. The city of Mississauga is committed to creating an environment where businesses can grow, thrive and succeed — and TmaxSoft is proof our efforts are working.”

As it dedicates 45 percent of its revenue to research and development, Satya Sarangi, who is now CEO and President of TmaxSoft Canada, said that constantly expanding to regions that support innovation is important for the company to stay competitive.

“As we embark on securing an expanded Canadian presence, Mississauga and the GTA were identified as the ideal location for our Canadian headquarters,” said Sarangi. “The GTA contains an impressive pool of technology talent, globally-respected innovation hubs and some of Canada’s largest and most cutting-edge organizations.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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