Kingston-based Sparq Systems partnering with General Electric

Sparq Systems, a Kingston-based provider of solar microinverter solutions, announced today it has partnered with GE Global research, and licensed a portfolio of GE patents to create a next-generation microinverter system and AC Module solution.

Sparq Systems wants to produce a new kind of AC module; the solution will replace today’s junction box and comply with new grid requirements, such as delivering adjustable reactive power and other grid-stabilizing functions. The solution will enable the simplest deployment of solar, where the modular and inverter are one, in order to save time and money for installers and utilities in the future.

“The microinverter and AC Module that GE Global Research is designing with Sparq can change the way solar is deployed around the world by improving grid stability and resilience,” said John Vogel, vice president of technology development at GE Ventures. “Sparq Systems’ capabilities and innovation in the area of digitally-controlled power conversion are unmatched in the industry.”

Last year, Sparq Systems, a MaRS cleantech client, raised $11 million in funding led by ArcTern Ventures to launch their uQuad microinverter, the world’s first 4-in-1, 1,000-Watt residential microinverter that independently optimizes power from up to four solar modules.

“By combining our formidable intellectual capital and power design expertise, we will we will bring to market a compelling solar energy generation solution that rivals all others in terms of system cost, operational simplicity, and its role as a stabilizing force for an increasingly complex power generation and distribution infrastructure.” said Mike Fister, CEO of Sparq Systems, about the partnership.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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