Kanata North Business Association launches autonomous vehicle ecosystem directory

The Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) has announced the launch of the Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Innovator Directory.

The directory was created in collaboration with the Invest Ottawa and the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence. KNBA said the directory will provide a comprehensive overview of contributors to Canada’s autonomous vehicle ecosystem, which includes innovators, companies, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations. Available through the Ottawa AV Cluster website, the directory will be an open community Google spreadsheet that will be populated by KNBA, Invest Ottawa, Kanata North, and Ottawa-based autonomous vehicle companies. It will also be shared with local and national community partners.

“We hope through a collaborative effort of sharing, populating and promoting, the Directory will increase Ottawa’s visibility as a centre of AV excellence.”

“Today’s announcement of the Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Innovator Directory marks another ‘Canadian first’ to steward national awareness of our country’s position as a global leader in autonomous vehicles and related technologies,” said Jamie Petten, executive director of KNBA, adding that the directory will aim to demonstrate the broad spectrum of contributors, collaborators, companies, and organizations supporting Canada’s role in accelerating autonomous vehicle technologies.

“We hope through a collaborative effort of sharing, populating, and promoting, the Directory will increase Ottawa’s visibility as a centre of AV excellence in order to bring the emerging connected car and AV technologies, products, services and applications developed in Ottawa and across the country to the global market,” said Petten.

According to KNBA, the directory will benefit Canada’s autonomous vehicle industry, especially as the country’s capital has over 70 companies and organizations contributing technology and expertise in autonomous vehicles and connected cars.

KNBA, Invest Ottawa, and CAVCOE announced the new directory on National Autonomous Vehicle Day, which celebrates advances and potential business opportunities in the autonomous vehicle industry.

“Invest Ottawa is proud to collaborate with Kanata North Business Association and CAVCOE on the development and launch of this directory,” said Michael Tremblay, president and CEO of Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards. “This directory will…serve as an invaluable resource for AV innovators and companies across our ecosystem that are contributing intelligence to AVs and connected cars of the future. It will help to attract new AV R&aD, business and investment to Canada’s capital, and promote the unique capabilities available in our region. As recently announced, Ottawa will create one of the first integrated AV test environment of its kind in North America. With a strong focus on safety and technology validation, it will enable innovators and firms to develop, test, and commercialize new AV technologies.”

Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi is a staff writer and content creator at BetaKit with a strong interest in Canadian startup, business, and legal tech news. In her free time, Amira indulges in baking desserts, working out, and watching legal shows.