Just weeks after UberEATS scale-back, Toronto’s Feast halts on-demand delivery

Feast Toronto

Toronto-based Feast is stopping its online delivery service effective immediately.

Feast released a statement by company’s founder Steve Harmer stating that it would be stopping food production for everyone except its retail partners, which includes Balzac’s among other locations.

Just recently, UberEATS halted its instant delivery service in Toronto and other cities and Sprig has shut down operations in Chicago. Harmer goes on to write that on-demand food delivery services are currently facing challenges across North America.

During its nine months of service, Feast achieved a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play Store, the App Store and Yelp. In addition, Feast claims it fed over 15,000 people and made more than 55,000 lunches with 75 unique healthy menu items.

Furthermore, Harmer insists that this isn’t the end of Feast and that the company’s next steps will be revealed in due time.

“I wanted to take the time to thank all the great people who have helped build Feast: our customers, our servers, our kitchen team, the tech guys and marketing folks. Everyone came together to create a totally new food experience the city has not seen before… We look forward to informing you of the exciting next iteration of Feast. We will update all our customers of our activities in the coming months.”

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