Jiffy demands your attention on #TheDisruptors

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Jiffy On Demand, a web and mobile platform that connects users to professionals that provide repair services, is going strong only four months after launch.

After announcing it had raised $500,000 in seed funding, Jiffy was featured this week on The Disruptors. “We’re disrupting the home services industry which is outdated and archaic,” said co-founder Paul Arlin. “The long-term goal is for Jiffy to be the source for all those simple home maintenance items that come up every few weeks.”

Arlin also noted the company aims to raise another round of funding in the next six to eight months to enable expansion throughout North America.

“Anything that makes a market more efficient is great for consumers, but they better get going because what is going to be the difference between them and everyone doing the same thing?” said show co-host Bruce Croxon during the commentary.

Watch the video by clicking below:


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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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