IoT613 returns to look at IoT’s impact on smart cities and virtual reality

On September 29 and 30, tech enthusiasts will convene at IoT613, a conference designed to expand tech enthusiasts’ knowledge about all aspects of the Internet of Things.

IoT613, which is building on its inaugural conference held in 2015, will bring together people from diverse areas of expertise such as user experience, hardware and software engineering, and policy making to explore varying areas of IoT innovation. The conference will cover the potential of IoT, how to manage challenges within the industry, and stimulate new technologies.

On Thursday, attendees will be able to attend one of two workshop streams, including one for developing for IoT, led by Wind River and Akendi, who will talk about developing tools for IoT and user interfaces. The second workshop, led by various industry professionals, will explore the business side of IoT and discuss how people can take their IoT ideas to the market. On Friday, IoT613 will feature a speaker series touching on topics like smart cities, virtual reality, and enterprise networking will be addressed.

“Our developing workshops will provide designers and developers the chance to hone their skills to suit the emerging challenges associated with IoT, while our Business of IoT workshop will provide entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses with a game plan for building and growing an IoT business,” said Adam Freed, the chair of IoT613. “IoT613 2016 is about learning and exchanging ideas on the ways that connected technology is changing our society.”

Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi is a staff writer at BetaKit. As a fourth-year journalism student who has written primarily about entrepreneurship, Amira has developed a growing interest in Canadian startup, business, and tech news. In her free time, Amira enjoys reading, baking and watching legal shows.