Instamek acquires competitor WrenchPatrol to establish Vancouver presence

instaMek, an Edmonton-based on-demand car service repair company, has announced the acquisition of Vancouver-based WrenchPatrol, which connects users with certified auto mechanics.

The company said that this expansion will allow it to expand further westward and launch its services in Vancouver, as well as Nanaimo, Burnaby, and Surrey. instaMek co-founder Uzair Ahmed confirmed that it would only be the founders joining the Instamek team.

“We don’t want to spread resources too thin, and we wanted to establish a good position of cities we’re already in. Because WrenchPatrol has been doing this for two and a half years, it fit in with our philosophy of growth of just growing by city,” said Ahmed. “Wrenchpatrol did this in Vancouver; they had a good client base and name brand, and the service was really good. They focused on providing top-notch services, which aligns with the way we run our business.”

Since its launch in May 2015, Instamek has served the Calgary, Edmonton, and the Greater Toronto Area. The company also boasts 7,500 cars served and more than 300 services offered. While the company is dedicated to having a strong brand presence in Canada, it’s also looking to expand to the US in the near future. “Our vision has always been to expand across Canada and the US, but right now we’re focused on establishing a strong brand presence here and we want to be known for the great service we provide,” said Ahmed.

Overall, Ahmed said that Edmonton has been the ideal community to grow an on-demand service startup.

“What’s good about Edmonton is that the startup community isn’t segregated. It’s all just one group that really supports each other as they grow, so the other founders are really helpful in giving advice and mentorship,” said Ahmed. “Alberta, and Edmonton, especially is very open to new things — Uber did really well here. But in terms of on-demand, Edmonton is a good place to get started because the population is really open to trying new things.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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