[Infographic] 11 Essential Ingredients Every Crowdfunding Campaign Needs

Vancouver’s Fundrazr has released a new infographic explaining the “11 Essential Ingredients Every Crowdfunding Campaign Needs”.

Along with some links to online Fundrazr tools, the startup provided us with the eleven steps along with an infographic. They are:

  1. Craft an eye-catching title
  2. Tell a compelling story
  3. Get attention by visuals
  4. Add meaningful perks
  5. Reach out to close friends & family
  6. Be Active on Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter
  7. Build a community on Facebook
  8. Engage your supporters
  9. Pitch your story to the News
  10. Run your campaign on a website
  11. Thank your donors
11 Essential Ingredients Every Crowdfunding Campaign Needs
Courtesy of: FundRazr
  • Great tips! I would say, though, that creating a community in general is more important than creating a community on Facebook. With all the algorithm changes, it’s increasing difficult for business pages to organically reach their followers and Facebook isn’t the key to community. If you have a strong Facebook community, keep that up and use them; if you have a strong community on Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube/your blog/wherever, that’s where you should focus. Facebook isn’t the be-all-end-all of online communities and the key to a successful crowdfund is listening to and leveraging a strong community wherever you built it up.