Indochino Opens the Doors to ‘Flagship Showroom’ in Toronto Today

Indochino, which calls itself the leader in custom menswear, is set to open a “flagship showroom” in Toronto. The first in a series of planned store openings in the company’s biggest markets, the Toronto Showroom will opens its doors today at 425 King Street West.

“We owe it to Toronto to launch the next stage of our adventure in the city,” said CEO Kyle Vucko. “It’s been one of our best markets right from the start, we have a loyal customer base, plus our pop-up event earlier this year was our most successful ever. We have ambitious plans for our showrooms and are excited to find out where we’ll be a year or two down the line.”

It’s not the first time a Canadian ecommerce site devoted to mens fashion has set up offline shops. Frank & Oak did it November, when it opened pop-up shops in Toronto and Montreal. But judging by how Indochino worded it- flagship showroom- it looks like the implication is that this shop might be a bit more permanent.TO Showroom OutsideThe company said in a release that it’s “at the forefront of a growing trend” for e-commerce companies to move into retail. As well, the showroom concept revolves around the company’s goal to be there whenever a guy needs help with his wardrobe, whether online or in person, “by creating a seamless omni channel experience for customers.”

“Our pop-up events introduced guys to the Indochino way of getting styled, measured, and dressed. We want to extend that experience with the showroom and develop long-term relationships with our guys by helping them to perfect the fit of their garment and build a unique wardrobe over time.”

TO Showroom Models 2

Indichino is inviting men to book half hour appointments to get measured, receive styling advice, view products, and build a custom suit with the help of a personal “Style Guide”. Once they receive their threads four weeks later, customers can book follow-up appointments for fit checks and tailoring guidance, to update their measurement profile as their weight fluctuates and even suit up their wedding party.

The opening coincides with the launch of Indochino’s Fall 2014 collection, which will be displayed in Toronto. Suits start at $449 and shirts from $79, with accessories also available. Customization options include lining, lapel width, pocket style and monogramming.

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