IDC report says Canadians mostly not interested in wearables

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The International Data Corporation (IDC) is back with its latest report on consumer technology. This time, however, the multi-national research firm has Canadian-specific numbers to share.

In its most recent report, IDC looked at what devices Canadians would hypothetically replace their current smartphone, computer and tablet with, as well as what device they would immediately replace were one of their current ones to break.

In the first section, which looks at what single device Canadians would hypothetically replace all their other devices with, smartphones and personal computers dominated. 29 percent of survey respondents said their go-to would be a smartphone between 4-inches and 5.5-inches. 18 percent said they would first turn to a desktop or all-in-one computer, and 12 percent said they would go with a laptop or notebook.

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In fact, smartphones have become so integral to our lives that 75 percent of Canadians would replace mobile phone immediately if it were to break. By contrast, only 33 percent and 48 percent of Canadians would buy a new smartwatch or tablet if their current one broke today. This, IDC notes, has to do with those latter devices being less “sticky”. For most people, there’s just not as much functionality and usability to be found in a tablet as opposed to a smartphone.

The final section of the report looks at how Canadians view wearable devices.

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In general, apathy is the name of the game when it comes to wearable devices. Almost 80 percent of respondents said they either don’t use or don’t care for wearable devices like the Apple Watch or the variety of Android Wear devices currently on the market. On the other side of the spectrum, some two percent of respondents said they couldn’t live without their current wearable device, and 15 percent said that, while they don’t currently own a wearable device, they would like to purchase one in the future.

The firm says this is more of an indication of how young the market is than a general disinterest in the technology.

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