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Akira opens tech-enabled healthcare clinic in Toronto (BETAKIT)

Healthtech company Akira has announced the launch of Union Health, a tech-enabled, in-person clinic in Toronto.

Tonal raises $45 million to expand its smart in-home fitness system (VENTUREBEAT)

Fitness startup Tonal has announced it has raised $45 million as it prepares to scale its smart in-home workout system and fend off a growing crop of similar startups in the space.

With a new CEO and fresh funding from Upfront, healthy prepared food delivery service Territory looks to grow (TECHCRUNCH)

The company uses a proprietary food recommendation engine to determine its subscribers’ personal preferences to deliver them meals that are more tailored to their individual tastes.

Transforming health care with AI: tons of potential, but not without pitfalls (CTVNEWS)

AI systems, specifically machine learning, have the ability to analyze massive sets of anonymized patient data and look for patterns in a way that the human brain, as elegant and complex as that organ may be, cannot begin to approach.

‘Help!’ Health Canada asks Canadians for advice on problem of youth vaping (CBC)

Elvie has announced its third private financing, a $42 million Series B led by IPGL to support the release of four additional women’s health products.

AGE-WELL competition for startups addressing aging sector, caregivers (BETAKIT)

anadian research network AGE-WELL has announced a national competition for Canadian startups whose technologies or services can improve quality of life for older adults or their caregivers.

Cityblock Health raises $65 million to bring healthcare services to underserved communities (MEDCITYNEWS)

Cityblock combines primary care services, behavioral care, chronic disease management, substance abuse treatment and services that address social determinants like transportation, housing and access to healthy food.

Digital health investors are missing out on a big opportunity to bring healthtech to public schools (TECHCRUNCH)

Poor health is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism, and the latter is linked to low academic performance.

Nanology Labs receives investment from oncology research fund (BETAKIT)

“This seed funding is critical in enabling our technology to reach its next inflection point, moving our system closer to the clinic and positioning our company for further investment.”

Fauna Bio raises $4.1M in seed funding (FINSMES)

Fauna Bio, a Berkeley, Calif.-based biotechnology company leveraging the science of hibernation to improve healthcare for humans, raised a total of $4.1m in seed funding.

Health care is one of Apple’s most lucrative opportunities: Morgan Stanley (CNBC)

Health care could bring in over $15 billion for Apple by 2021 and up to $313 billion by 2027, according to a Morgan Stanley report.

HeadCheck, Trek Factory Racing partner to improve concussion care for riders (BETAKIT)

The Waterloo-based Trek Factory Racing off-road program has announced a partnership with HeadCheck Health, a provider of concussion management software and services.


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