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#Truenorth speakers argue the future of privacy is the cloud(BETAKIT)

MedStack CEO Balaji Gopalan discussed the thin line that exists between the “amazing potential” of digital healthcare versus the “scary risks” of not carefully managing data privacy.

Alberta invests $3 million to expand mental health drop-in, counselling programs(CBC)

Alberta is investing $3 million to expand free courses and drop-in help for those struggling with mental health and addictions.

Risks and rewards of digital therapeutics in treating mental disorders(TECHCRUNCH)

Because the resources for those living with mental health issues are constrained, startups could have a big impact.

Intellijoint Surgical to lead new medtech innovation hub in Waterloo(BETAKIT)

Intellijoint Surgical has announced the creation of the Medical Innovation Xchange, an industry-led hub dedicated to healthtech startups in southern Ontario.

Telemedical startup Cara Care raises $7 million to treat digestive symptoms(VENTUREBEAT)

The startup says it will use the new funds to conduct additional research, expand and create new partnerships with diagnostic labs and food manufacturing companies, and grow its mobile app’s footprint.

Telehealth startup Dialogue raises $40 million to fuel European expansion(BETAKIT)

Montreal-based Dialogue offers companies services to access front-line healthcare providers through its virtual technology platform.

Inbox Health raises $4.4 million seed round to modernize healthcare billing(MEDCITYNEWS)

Through its billing company partners, the 20-person startup’s platform reaches more than 1,000 physician practices, with more than $700 million of healthcare spending under management.

Founder salaries, diversity tactics, FinTech roboadvisors, and startups improving mental health(TECHCRUNCH)

One of the great things about running your own startup is that you have the independence to make critical business decisions, but those decisions can get very complicated when you are the direct beneficiary.

Fredericton-based eChart Healthcare raises $800,000 in seed funding(BETAKIT)

eChart Healthcare has created a solution for staff and families to receive information at the point of care with real-time data.

Collective Health, a health-tech startup that seeks to simplify employer-provided healthcare raises $205 million in funding round(MARKETWATCH)

Collective Health, a healthcare technology startup that seeks to simplify employer-sponsored health insurance, has raised $205 million in its latest funding round.


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