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Montreal healthtech hub Neomed announces $25 million expansion

The project is valued at $25 million and will see participation from public and private backers.

Digital health is growing fast — but at what cost?

Silicon Valley is obsessed with growth. And for digital health startups, that obsession is not only misguided, but dangerous.

Nurx adds STI testing to its mail-order product suite

The startup launched three new test kits, which will test for conditions such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

Kencko chugs down $3.4M to help you get more fruit and vegetables in your diet

Kencko develops plant-based products that help people eat healthily without having to suffer the pain of horrible-tasting food or other extreme eating.

Minneapolis athlete-safety startup raises $2 million

Minneapolis-based Player’s Health has closed on a $2 million Series A round.

Lyon-based biotech startup Osivax raises €8 million to develop novel, universal flu vaccines

Lyon–based biotech startup Osivax was founded in 2017 to develop a universal flu vaccine that will be effective year after year, despite mutations of the virus.

Doctours offers packaged medical tourism for US customers

Doctours, a Los Angeles-based online platform for booking trips and treatments for medical and dental care around the world, is expanding its services to 35 countries.

Seattle biotech startup OncoSenX raises $3M to develop tumor-killing therapeutics

Seattle biotech startup OncoSenX has reeled in $3 million to advance its pipeline of therapeutics that aim to kill cancer cells based on their genetics.


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