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elephant in the room

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Maple raises $4 million to help Canadians get 24/7 virtual health care(BETAKIT)

The round was led by an undisclosed large private corporation with expertise in medical cost containment and operations, and included the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, and Jeff Fettes, co-founder of 24-7 Intouch.

It’s time we address the elephant in the room at every health care conference(CNBC)

It is unacceptable that a hospital in 2018 can’t send an X-ray from one facility to another, without asking a patient to physically carry over a CD-Rom or a USB drive. Even drug dealers have moved on from using faxes and pagers. And in every other industry from retail to banking, systems connect.

Embattled tech companies charge deeper into health care(WIRED)

On one hand, trying to solve problems that have vexed both industry and government for decades is the very definition of hubris. The key for big tech will be cultivating a deep understanding of complicated health care issues.

Atomwise, which uses AI to improve drug discovery, raises $45M Series A (TECHCRUNCH)

The company, which aims to reduce the amount of money and time researchers spend on finding compounds for medications, says it now has more than 50 molecular discovery programs.

ThoughtWire raises $20 million to build smart cities and hospitals (BETAKIT)

ThoughtWire’s Ambiant platform is targeted to healthcare providers, smart buildings, and advanced manufacturers. It provides real-time guidance to staff so they can predict and resolve issues and achieve energy efficiency.

Google cloud unveils expanded health IT portfolio at HIMSS 2018 (HEALTHTECHMAGAZINE)

At HIMSS 2018, Google, which has been signaling its interest in revolutionizing health IT for the last few years, has upped its game with a litany of updates aimed at expanding its offerings for healthcare providers.

WHOOP raises $25 million to tell everyone from athletes to execs about their health (TECHCRUNCH)

The big differentiator between WHOOP and other wearables is the amount of data (the massive amount of data) it collects and transmits to servers for processing and analysis. The WHOOP has five sensors that collect data 100 times per second.

How AI is taking the scut work out of health care (HBR)

Excessive paperwork and red-tape is the sewage of modern medicine. An estimated 14% of wasted health care spending — $91 billion — is the result of inefficient administration.

Nexus Venture Partners backs health-tech startup LiveHealth (VCCIRCLE)

LiveHealth, which operates a cloud-based platform for managing medical reports, has raised $1.1 million in its seed round of funding from Nexus Venture Partners.


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