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CareWorx raises $17 million to help senior care centres track health records(BETAKIT)

CareWorx plans to use the funding to accelerate growth in the senior care market.

MediSeen Recommends: Health Startup Innovation Dual Panel (BETAKIT)

In celebration of this year’s Toronto Health Innovation Week, MedStack and MediSeen are pleased to present a knowledge-sharing event focused on the role and keys to success of Ontario digital health startups in driving innovation for patients, providers, and payers.

Tradewind BioScience attacks the physiology of tumors to treat cancer(TECHCRUNCH)

The Y Combinator graduate has developed a new antibody that could halt the growth and spread of tumors.

Rise of the healthtech ethicist(MMMONLINE)

In a world where any data can be considered health data, how are organizations navigating ethical boundaries?

Is regulation killing innovation in health care? (FORBES)

Innovation in health care is one of the greatest benefits to us all. While the FDA’s regulation of health care innovation is essential to making such developments safe, are its strict regulatory policies killing tomorrow’s health solutions?

BioIQ raises $26.5M as population health tech company prepares to make acquisitions (MEDCITYNEWS)

BioIQ, which provides tools for orchestrating health testing programs and biometric screening events across multiple vendors, raised the funding from HealthQuest and Arboretum Ventures, with participation from existing investors.

Monarch is a new platform from surgical robot pioneer Frederic Moll (TECHCRUNCH)

The Monarch Platform utilizes the common endoscopy procedure to insert a flexible robot into hard to reach places inside the human body. A doctor trained on the system uses a video game-style controller to navigate inside, with help from 3D models.

Amazon’s secretive health team talking with AARP about making products for older people (CNBC)

“Something…we’ve been building for some period of time and we deeply care about… relates to what happens to older people,” said Babak Parviz, Amazon’s vice president of special projects. “We have looked at the older population in the context of health… and we know this group has a lot of issues and unmet needs.”

AI will change health care jobs for the better (HBR)

Accenture Research recently concluded a study of future workforce trends, including in health care. The data points to significant growth for the industry, both in terms of jobs and revenues, as AI moves beyond rudimentary automation and enables greater collaboration between humans and machines.

Patient check-in platform Medical Mindset pulls in $1M (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

The company’s platform allows patients to build a HIPAA-compliant health profile, which they can use to check into an appointment by swiping their smartphone.

Biomedical startup AesculaTech is creating a new, more patient-friendly drug delivery system (TECHCRUNCH)

AesculaTech has already performed pre-clinical animal trials that show its dry eye treatment creates statistically significant increases in tears on eyes and are preparing for human trials to bring it closer to approval from the Food and Drug Administration.


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