H|T: The Healthtech Times – Neuralink recruits for first human clinical trial

Plus: Thorne HealthTech misled investors around acquisition, suit says.

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Simmunome secures $2 million to make clinical trials more efficient with AI (BETAKIT)

Clinical trials can be time-consuming, expensive, and suffer poor success rates. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Montréal-based Simmunome has closed $2 million CAD in pre-seed funding to help predict whether drug candidates will succeed or fail in clinical trials.

Elon Musk’s Brain Startup Neuralink Is Recruiting for Its First Human Clinical Trial (BNN BLOOMBERG)

Neuralink Corp., the brain implant startup led by billionaire Elon Musk, is recruiting patients for a clinical trial, a long-awaited step that brings the science fiction-esque technology closer to human reality.

However, the news comes as Wired's report contradicts Musk's official story on how the monkeys used to test Neuralink actually died.


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Nàdarra Ventures makes $20-million first close in new Canadian biotech fund (BETAKIT)

A new venture capital fund meant to tackle food insecurity and climate change has launched with a founding investment of $20 million. Nàdarra Ventures, based in Halifax, hopes to raise $50 million for the fund with a final close in June 2024.

Malcolm Fraser, managing partner of the fund, described it to BetaKit as a new Canadian venture fund on the forefront of investing in sustainable biotechnology for food, agriculture and materials.

A checklist for building sustainable rural tech hubs (BETAKIT)

With the explosion of remote work, there has been a paradigm shift away from major municipalities and toward smaller regions as people seek both livability and career prospects, said Pablo Listingart, Executive Director of tech skills school ComIT.

Speaking with BetaKit, Listingart shared his theory of how rural tech hubs can come to be—and what support they need to become sustainable.

Corti, an AI ‘co-pilot’ for healthcare clinicians, raises $60M (TECHCRUNCH)

Artificial intelligence continues to be a major force in the world of healthcare, and in one of the latest developments, a Copenhagen startup called Corti has raised $60 million to expand its contribution to the field: an AI assistant designed to support healthcare clinicians with patient assessments in real time.

Thorne HealthTech Misled Investors Around Acquisition, Suit Says (BLOOMBERG LAW)

Thorne HealthTech Inc. and its leadership allegedly filed a misleading solicitation statement last week ahead of a proposed buyout by L Catterton Management Ltd. affiliates, a shareholder suit says.

Shareholders can’t vote to approve the deal without key information on the financial projections and other data about the deal that financial adviser Canaccord Genuity LLC based its fairness opinion upon, according to the complaint filed Thursday in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

How TECHNATION thinks we can solve Canada's tech talent gap (BETAKIT)

Data from TECHNATION, a member organization of Canadian tech companies that bridges the tech industry and government policy, shows that Canadian firms have over 40,000 vacant positions that they need to fill as soon as possible.

Speaking with BetaKit, TECHNATION Executive Director for the Future Workforce Development Team, Sandi Campbell, shared more about the root causes of Canada’s tech talent gap and offered a solution for organizations looking for talent.

Diligent raises $25 million to triple its nursing robot’s reach (TECHCRUNCH)

As hospitals overflow, staff forced to take on impossible long shifts, risking their own health in the process, it's the perfect environment to introduce a robot like Diligent’s Moxi, a system designed to offer a couple of helping hands to overworked healthcare providers.

The Austin-based firm is announcing a $25 million raise and expects to have north of 100 Moxi units deployed across 22 hospital systems in the U.S. by end of year.

ALL IN to showcase Canada's AI at major conference (BETAKIT)

Scale AI, Canada’s federally funded AI Global Innovation Cluster, is presenting the country’s largest gathering dedicated to Canadian artificial intelligence (AI), ALL IN. The event will bring together leading AI experts, industry members, startups, investors, and researchers to share their insights and explore how AI is transforming the Canadian economy.

Palantir’s Reputation Stalks Its Bid for the UK’s National Health Data (WIRED)

US-based Palantir is favored to win a $595 million NHS contract, but activists and doctors worry about its controversial ties to cofounder Peter Thiel, the military, and US border control.

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